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Food for Thought on #WorldChildrensDay

The effects of war, as well as extreme weather conditions in Somalia – prolonged drought followed by severe flooding – means that it is a struggle for families to grow enough food to feed their children. They are uprooted from their homes and constantly on the move in search of food and water just to survive. For these children, there is no time for school. For those who do make it to class, it is difficult to learn as they are constantly hungry.

Education is not only crucial in breaking the cycle of poverty, but it also provides safety and security for children in dangerous environments.

That is why in southern Somalia, thanks to your support, Trócaire runs a school feeding programme which provides hot lunches to more than 4,000 children in 15 primary schools.

It takes away the burden of finding food from parents and caregivers as they know that their children will not go hungry. It mean means families can stay in their area and children can concentrate on learning with full tummies.

How you can help:

A simple gift of a school lunch, means so much more in Somalia. It keeps children in class, giving them the best chance for the future.

This Christmas, we have also introduced a new gift for children – a school kit. This gift will send a child to school in Somalia, pay for school fees, teachers’ salaries, and books and pencils too.

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