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South Sudan

Food aid saving lives in South Sudan

I recently visited the Yirol region of the country. South Sudan is in the middle of a brutal civil war. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes. Making matters worse, rains have failed which has resulted in over 7 million people needing food aid.

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Internally displaced people in Yirol, South Sudan where Trócaire is providing seeds and tools to those who have access to land. Photo: Trócaire.

Donations to Trócaire have provided emergency food aid to 25,000 people over the last six months.
During my visit I met some of the people who have received that support. One women, Rachel, told me that she had received food for her and her seven children. They had been driven from their home by the war and had arrived into Yirol with nothing. Trócaire’s work is a lifeline for people like Rachel. She said that the food had saved their lives.
While this war and drought continues, we will continue to support people like Rachel and many more like her.

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People queue for aid in Yirol, South Sudan where over seven million need food aid. Photo: Trócaire.

We are also providing seeds and tools to people who have access to land in Yirol. When the rains do come – hopefully in June – this equipment will mean that they will be able to provide for themselves. Ultimately, that is all people here want.

This work is saving lives. It would not be possible without the generosity of our supporters. On behalf of Trócaire and people like Rachel, I want to say thank you for that generosity.
Sadly, this crisis looks set to continue, but with your support we can continue to save lives.

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