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Business and Human Rights

‘Face of Resistance’ Photo Exhibition launched in Dublin

Last night, Trócaire launched the ‘Face of Resistance’ photographic exhibition at Powerscourt Townhouse Centre.

‘Face of Resistance’ celebrates the activism of those who are resisting the drive for profit above human rights. It celebrates the courage and determination of those who are challenging the activities of large corporations, whose activities damage the environment and violate human rights.

It is part of Trócaire’s latest campaign which is calling for an international Treaty on Business and Human Rights to protect communities from abuse by big business.

The month long exhibition will run until 31st October.

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Scenes from the launch of the exhibition on Thursday 10th October. Photos: Garry Walsh.

Defending people and planet

Across the world, there is a global rush for natural resources. Some large corporations are making huge profits from the exploitation of land, water, forests and minerals. The race for natural resources has put millions of people at risk of abuse.

Often those who peacefully resist are under attack. They are beaten, intimidated and even murdered. In 2018, 247 people were murdered for defending land and human rights against corporate interests.

Closer to home, people are also standing up to protect their communities from unjust business activities. This exhibition also includes portraits of people in Ireland and Northern Ireland who have taken a stand in support of a fairer and safer world. From challenging the power of the polluting fossil fuel industry, to protesting against Direct Provision.

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Emmet Devlin is featured in the exhibition. Emmet has been campaigning for an international treaty on Business & Human Rights. Previously Emmet was involved in campaigns for better wages and conditions for Pacific Island workers in Auckland and for workers on tea estates in Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. Photo : Garry Walsh

Áine O’Gorman from Tipperary is one of the Irish activists featured in the exhibition. In 2015, Áine joined the successful student campaign demanding Trinity College Dublin divest its investments from the fossil fuel industry.

“Concepts of equity and justice drive me to take action” says Áine. “Large companies fuelling our lifestyles in the global north, at the expense of human rights and the protection of nature in the global south and in vulnerable rural communities is unjust”.

“Local and indigenous people have been fighting these companies for years. We have a duty to stand up in support of them.”

The exhibition is open for the rest of October. Please make a visit to Powerscourt Town Centre and see the exhibition for yourself, and spread the word.

Read more about our campaign on business and human rights.

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