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Access to Justice

Ending poverty begins with listening to the people

How do we tackle poverty? It’s a question political leaders have grappled with for decades. 
Twelve years ago, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set out a range of targets to alleviate poverty. 
While the MDGs recorded some notable successes, overall progress has been modest.
This week, the UN will meet in New York to discuss what will replace the MDGs when they expire in 2015. 
We believe the UN could learn a lot of lessons from Rafael and Dalia, who live in southern Colombia. 
This married couple lived through the horrors of the Colombian war. Every aspect of their lives was controlled by the armed factions that fought for control of their region.
Today, however, they have been given a voice. Through a local organisation funded by Trócaire, Rafael and Dalia have joined other farmers in their region to make their voices heard.
By pooling together to identify their priorities and demand their rights, Rafael and Dalia have completely changed their fortunes. 
How do we tackle poverty? At Trócaire, we believe the answer lies with the people. 
Watch this video to see how it works. 


Read Trócaire’s latest research paper which we’re launching at the MDG event in New York this week: My Rights Beyond 2015: Making the Post-2015 Framework Accountable to the World’s Poor


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