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Climate action

COP28: Take Action for Climate Justice

This Christmas, forget ‘jingle all the way’….think ‘justice all the way’!

Across the world people are being pushed further into poverty due to the climate crisis. But we’ve a chance to change that. If we act.

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World leaders are gathering next week for crucial COP28 climate negotiations in Dubai. Minister Eamon Ryan will be travelling to represent Ireland at the leader’s summit that kicks off the negotiations. Let’s raise our voice to ensure these negotiations deliver an urgent plan to tackle the climate crisis, based on the needs of the world’s poorest people.

Those with the least are paying the highest price for climate inaction. From mass displacement to the threat of famine, the world’s poorest are picking up the tab on a crisis not of their making.

This is why we need to see wealthy countries, including Ireland, pay their fair share towards a ‘Loss and Damage Fund’ aimed at financially supporting countries on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

Wealthy countries caused this crisis and it’s our responsibility to assist the people worst affected.

For this to happen, public pressure on elected representatives around the world is essential. Right now, we need every TD across the country to hear our call. Help us put pressure on them to ensure that climate justice is at the heart of Ireland’s negotiation agenda for COP28.

If you have one wish this Christmas, make it Climate Justice!

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