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Boxer Moran makes St. Patrick’s visit to Trócaire in Kenya

Minister Moran was in Kenya to promote Ireland as part of the Government’s St. Patrick’s programme. However, he took time out to visit Trócaire’s work in the Mukuru slum area of Nairobi. 
I had the pleasure of accompanying Minister Moran and Dr. Vincent O’Neill, Ireland’s Ambassador to Kenya, to the Mukuru Central Dispensary.
The Mukuru Centre is managed by the Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMMs) and offers unique and lifesaving services to some of the poorest residents of Mukuru. 
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Minister Moran meets some of the staff at the health centre in Murkuru funded by Trócaire and Irish Aid.
Mukuru is one of the largest slums in Africa, with over one million people living there. 
Trócaire works closely with the MMMs to provide support to people living with HIV and survivors of gender-based violence. The services provided by the MMMs allow people to live positively, recover from trauma and find rebuild their lives. 
The work in Mukuru is generously supported by Irish Aid. It was important for Minister Moran to see up close the amazing impact Irish generosity has in places such as Mukuru. 
He spoke with some of the women who receive support and heard their stories. He also expressed his solidarity and support for the great work being done by Trócaire, the MMMs and Irish Aid in Kenya. 
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