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7 photos from 2017 to make you smile

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Ross Malone (7) and his little brother James (2) from Kildare kicked off our Lent campaign at Maynooth College. Trócaire’s Lent campaign is the biggest annual fundraising event in Ireland. Last year, between March 1st and April 17th, people in Ireland donated an incredible €8.1m to support our work. (Photo: Mark Stedman)

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Our Lent campaign was helped by a very special guest to Ireland – Josiane Umumarashavu, who had appeared on the Trócaire box in 2004! Thirteen years after appearing on the Trócaire box, Josiane is a qualified accountant and works for Trócaire in her native Rwanda. She flew to Ireland – her first ever time outside of Rwanda – to say thanks to everybody who continues to support the Trócaire Lent campaign. She is photographed here with St Colmcilles student Lucia Conroy Garcia (8). (Photo: Mark Stedman)

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Mrs Brown herself got in on the act in April to support the Lent campaign. Brendan O’Carroll and his team volunteered to put on a special one night only show in Dublin with all proceeds going to Trócaire. ‘An Evening with Mrs Brown’s Boys’ raised €50,000! (Photo: Mark Stedman)

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Irish Independent photographer Frank McGrath travelled to Honduras with us to meet families being assisted by donations from Ireland. Pictured here are four-year-old Alvaro Jose Cueva and his friend Steven Ramirez [4] in the Esquipulas Bordo in San Pedro Sula in Honduras. A bordo is a slum built on a flood plain. Trócaire is helping to protect residents form the bordo from the risk of flooding. (Photo: Frank McGrath)

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Class Teacher, Ubah Abdullahi, instructs her pupils at one of Trócaire’s schools in Somalia. Trócaire operates schools and hospitals in the Gedo region of Somalia, an area affected by conflict for over 25 years. Our work there provides a life-line to hundreds of thousands of people. (Photo: Amunga Eshuchi)


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Siblings Ibrahim (12), Rugiatu (9) and Alimamy (13) from Sierra Leone. Their mother died as a result of Ebola during the outbreak from 2014-2016. The virus badly affected their rural community, leaving many young children orphaned. With Trocaire’s help, children like Ibrahim, Rugiatu and Alimamy are rebuilding their lives. (Photo Mark Stedman)

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Belfast boxer Carl Frampton and his wife Christine visited Kenya in December to support our Christmas appeal. Carl and Christine are pictured here at the St. Mary’s Primary Health Clinic in the town of Kalokol, northern Kenya. Children are being provided with high-nutrition food supplements because they are malnourished. (Photo: Justin Kernoghan)


If you liked these images, you might enjoy looking through our Flickr gallery, which stores all our best images from around the world. 

Thanks for your support in 2017 and we look forward to building a better world with you in 2018. 


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