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19 striking images from around the world

Land Rights in Uganda: Evelyn, 36 and Patricia, 7’s story featured on the 2019 Trócaire Box. The short film ‘Evelyn’s land’ tells the story of how Evelyn lost her land and looks at the problem of land rights in the Acholi region focusing on the work of Trocaire and its partner Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative. Photo : Gary Moore / Trócaire

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Human Rights Defenders in Honduras: Maria Mercedes Gomez, 65, is from the Rio Blanco community who are resisting the construction of a hydro-electric dam. The community say that their river, sacred to their community, will be damaged by the construction of the Agua-zarca dam, and that they will not benefit economically from its construction. 7 human rights defenders have been killed protesting the dam’s construction, including indigenous leader Berta Caceres, and at present the project remains stalled after Chinese, Dutch and Finnish investors pulled out in response to the violence. Photo:Garry Walsh/Trócaire.

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Maya, 10, is a Syrian refugee who has fled the war and lives with her family in the Beqaa valley in Lebanon. Pictured here with sister Reem (7). More than half of all Syrian refugees in Lebanon live in extreme poverty and over three quarters live below the poverty line. Photo:Simon Walsh/ Trócaire.

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Conflict in Myanmar: Marip Htu Bu Marip Htu Bu has lived in the Je Yang camp for over eight years, like many of the people here who have had to flee their homes and land due to the conflict that re-erupted in Kachin, Northern Myanam, in 2011. She longs for an end to the conflict. “We cannot go anywhere since we are living in the camp” she says. She worries her children will miss out while growing up in a camp, compared to normal children. However, she appreciates the support provided to her from Trócaire’s local partners. “When we do not have food, and an organisation comes to the camp and provide foods for us, we are very happy at that moment” says Marip Htu Bu. Photo:Yawng Htang/Trócaire

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Conflict in Gaza: Pictured on her trip to Gaza in early 2019, with Trócaire is Deirdre O’Kane with young mother Shayma Shafee, with her daughter Nadia (17 months) who suffers from anemia and malnutrition, in the Nuseirat refugee camp in Gaza. Photo: Mark Stedman/Trócaire.

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Sally O’Neill honoured in memorial service: President Michael D. Higgins was among the hundreds of colleagues, friends and family including former President Mary Robinson who gathered in Maynooth to celebrate the life of Sally O’Neill. Photo:Garry Walsh/Trócaire.

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After Cyclone Idai: Maria Lyson and her baby in Masunduko, Chikwawa, Southern Malawi. Her village was hit by Cyclone Idai. They have faced droughts and floods in the same year in recent years. Now her village is one of five that are accessing safe water thanks to a solar powered pump providing water to nine hundred households. This project is funded by the Scottish government. Trócaire staff have been working on the project providing expertise in water management. Photo: Alan Whelan/Trócaire.

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Climate Strikes: Thousands of young Irish students gathered at Merrion square in Dublin on May 24, 2009 as part of the school strikes for climate change, happening across the world. Students demanded that the government take action on climate change. Photo:Garry Walsh/Trócaire.

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Drought in Kenya: A group of young girls on their way to gather water near Kapese, Turkana, Northern Kenya. The area has been badly affected by the climate change in recent years with drought and floods.Photo:Garry Walsh/Trócaire.

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Twenty Fifth Anniverary of the Rwanda Genocide: As part of Rwanda’s move towards unity and reconciliation, Trócaire’s partner in Rwanda, the Commission for Justice and Peace, helps to bring together survivors and perpetrators of the genocide, to build lasting reconciliation between them. Immaculée lost all of her relatives. Vianney was a perpetrator in the genocide against the Tutsis. Together they are proof of just how valuable this reconciliation programme has been. Photo: Josephine Lamb/Trócaire.

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Refuge from conflict in Somalia: Nasteho, Nasro and Sacdiyo, students of Luuq primary school are busy studying at Trócaire funded school. Photo: Eyeris Communications/Trócaire.

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Oisín McConville in Gaza: Hala Sanak (14), who plays for Gaza’s first-ever schoolgirls’ football club, receives a Gaelic football skills training session on the Gaza beach with Armagh’s All-Ireland winner Oisín McConville. Trócaire’s Christmas Appeal will help to support families who are living in war zones around the world. Photo: Garry Walsh/Trócaire.

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Land Rights in Guatemala: María, 9, her mother, Adela (41), and grandmother, María (85), outside their home in Parana in the Polochic Valley in northern Guatemala where they live under threat of eviction. María is one of three girls who featured on this year’s Trócaire Lenten box; the 2019 Lent campaign aimed to raise awareness of families who have lost their land, their homes and their livelihoods. Photo: Mark Stedman / Trócaire.

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The Oscar Romero Award: Broadcaster John Creedon presents Guatemalan activist Abelino Chub Caal with Trócaire’s Romero International Award in Cork City. The Romero award, named in honor of the late Oscar Romero, is given in recognition of outstanding Human Rights work by a Trócaire partner. Abelino was wrongfully imprisoned for over two years due to his efforts to defend the land rights of indigenous Guatemalan communities before being cleared of all charges. Photo: Gerard McCarthy / Trócaire.

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Making a difference in Malawi: 2FM DJ Keith Walsh with Kingsile. Community members in this village in Zomba, Malawi have received a new water pump. Photo: Alan Whelan / Trócaire.

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The Gift of Chickens in Kenya: Glory holds one of the chickens her family has received thanks to Trócaire’s local partner, Ishiara parish. The family have received 5 chickens, as well as training on disease control and poultry management. She has also joined a poultry group, where she connects with other women in the project and they can learn from each other. Photo : Gary Moore / Trócaire.

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Game Changers: Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan were winners in the Post-Primary category as well as overall winners of the Game Changers event by popular vote with their game ‘The Hunt for Human Rights’. Eve Mathews, Molly Egan, Jaia Kavanagh, Laura Masterson, Ellen Kearney, Lucy Edgeworth and Willemijn Bosscheart show their game. Photo:Garry Walsh / Trócaire

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Vital healthcare support in Somalia: Nasra Mohamed holding her newborn baby is receiving a baby kit gift from Dr. Abdi as part of Trócaire’s Somalia programme. The country has been badly affected by conflict and drought. Photo: Eyeris Communications / Trócaire.

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Irrigation in Malawi: Suzana Ligomke’s community in Machinga, Malawi have been provided with ten treadle pumps which are irrigating five hectares of land for forty four households thanks to the supprot of Irish Aid and Trócaire. Photo: Alan Whelan / Trócaire.

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