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18 striking images from around the world in 2018

Rohingya response: Almost 1 million Rohingya have fled from conflict in Myanmar to a small strip of land on neighbouring Bangladesh’s south-east coast.  Trócaire through Caritas Bangladesh has supported over 90,000 families in the Rohingya refugee camps since the crisis began in 2017. Photo : Ismail Ferdous, CRS

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#NotATarget : Trócaire staff and volunteers staged a ‘guerrilla’ protest in Dublin to emphasise that innocent children are #NotATarget. The protest marked the four-month anniversary of the Dahyan air strike in Yemen, which led to the death of 40 children after a Saudi Arabian aircraft bombed a civilian school bus. Photo : Mark Stedman.

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Rwanda: Ancilla Uzamukunda, is 51 years old from southern Rwanda. She had her life dramatically changed 24 years ago. In the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda, she fled the country but lost contact with her husband. Yet she has turned her life around to become an inspiring activist for women’s rights in her community. Photo : Andrea Sciorato.

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Sierra Leone : Kumba, from Freetown, Sierra Leone had her story featured on the 2018 Trocaire Box.  Her family home and many others were destroyed when a devastating landslide hit in August 2017. Here she is with her younger sister Fatu. Photo: Mark Stedman.

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Fossil Free : Celebrations outside Leinster House as the Dáil says Yes to Divest from Fossil Fuels in July 2018.  Ireland became the first country in the world to commit to withdrawing public money invested in fossil fuels, the industry which is contributing most to climate change. Photo: Mark Stedman.

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Standing against settlements: Nasser Nawaja with his daughter Dalia (4) at their home in Susiya, in the West Bank. Nasser has been arrested for defending the rights of his community. They face demolition of their homes which are next to illegal Israeli settlements.  Trócaire works with Israeli and Palestinian human rights organisations to try and prevent such demolitions. Photo: Ciarán Gallagher.

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South Sudan refugees : Florence and Camilo, sister and brother. Their parents were killed in the conflict in South Sudan. They are now attending school in the Palabek Refugee Settlement Camp in Uganda, supported by Trócaire. Photo: Mark Stedman.

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Yemen crisis : Eight-year-old Malak from Yemen nearly lost her life due to a cholera outbreak in Yemen. In a country where a child dies every 10 minutes from preventable diseases, Malak almost became another victim of Yemen’s brutal civil war. Trócaire’s project in Yemen with local partner Islamic Relief provides cholera medicine and tablets to hospitals. Photo : Islamic Relief.

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Human Rights Defenders : The brothers Óscar Armando Cabrera Matute of 50 years and Celso Alberto Cabrera Matute of 40 years from the community of San Francisco Campo in Honduras. They are the children of Doña María Enriqueta Matute, murdered on August 25, 2013. Photo : Trócaire.

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Women leaders: The first-ever International Congress of Women’s Caucuses, held in Dublin Castle, had female parliamentarians from all around the world in attendance. On the 100-year anniversary of women achieving the right to vote in Ireland, delegates discussed the challenge of how to increase female participation in politics. Photo : Garry Walsh

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Surviving ebola : Rugiatu’s mother died during the Ebola crisis, which struck Sierra Leone 2014-2016. Rugiatu was only 7. Her aunt Dora took Rugiatu and her two older brothers in when their mother fell ill. The Ebola virus outbreak claimed 11,000 lives across West Africa from 2014 – 2016. It is estimated that 12,000 children lost parents. Photo: Mark Stedman.

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Women’s voices: Kyi Kyi Swe from Ba Wa Pin village, southern Myanmar. She is standing up and speaking out on behalf of her community. She is documenting the impact of a nearby mining company which is polluting their water sources. Their houses are also being damaged by the usage of dynamite very close to the village. Photo : Garry Walsh

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South Sudan refugees : Amdo Paska tends her crop on the land she has been allocated at the Palabek Refugee Settlement Camp supported by Trócaire. Tens of thousands of South Sudanese like Amdo have fled to Uganda and are now receiving support in refugee camps. Photo: Mark Stedman.

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Meeting the President: It’s not every day you meet the former president of Ireland. Nor is it every day you meet a girl who was on the front of the Trócaire box. Mary Robinson recently visited the Malawian village of Kanyera to meet with local families and also met with Enestina Muyeye, who was formerly on the Trócaire box in 2014. Photo : Cosmos Chikalamba.

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GAA stars : Donegal All-Ireland winner Martin McHugh, along with his sons Mark and Ryan and grandson Noah, aged 1, helped to launch Trócaire’s Christmas ‘Gifts of Love’ for 2018.  Last year, people across the island of Ireland bought more than €765,000 worth of Trócaire gifts, which helped over 27,000 families throughout the developing world.

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Gaming for change: Lucy Ní Mhaoláin (11) plays Trócaire’s new education game ‘Project Honduras’ together with her classmates from Gaelscoil Bharra Cabrach in Dublin. Award-winning ‘Project Honduras’ is the first online Development Education game of its kind in Ireland, highlighting how communities respond to climate change. Photo : Garry Walsh.

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Kachin conflict : Lashi Yaw (64) had been living in his village in Kachin State, Northern Myanmar for 20 years. Due to conflict between Kachin armed groups and the Myanmar military, he fled his home and now lives in a camp for internally displaced people. Over 100,000 remain living in displacement camps after six years of conflict. Trócaire is supporting Lashi Yaw and many others in the camps with humanitarian assistance. Photo : Gyung Dau.

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