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11 for 11: Our year in photos

Below I’ve picked 11 of our most striking photos from a busy 2011, representing Trócaire’s work responding to emergencies in Haiti, East Africa and Pakistan and our long term development work in Honduras, Malawi, Mozambique,  Palestine and Zimbabwe.


5 year old Hado Nur Ibrahim, severely malnourished, Hado travelled a long distance to get nutritional and medical support at Trócaire’s Dollow Health Centre. The centre  provided health care and food to thousands of people affected by the food crisis in 2011. Photo: Jennifer O’Gorman.



Digna, the girl on the 2011 Trócaire box. Photographed in La Confianza, a farming cooperative in Colon, north Honduras where land ownership is concentrated in the hands of a small number of wealthy business people who bought large tracts of farmland using underhand means. This has left small farmers without land to farm and survive on. Families from La Confianza have settled on a palm tree plantation and are demanding their right to a place to farm, despite intimidation and death threats. Trocaire is supporting the community in its struggle through our partner, Popol Nah Tun. Photo: Jeannie O’Brien.





Martha Julia Lopez holds a picture of her dead husband, Seriseo Munoz, close to her heart. Seriseo (50), was shot dead last year when gunmen, hired by a rich landowner, opened fire on a group of farmers as they worked. This community is one of thousands throughout Honduras whose legal challenge for land has been met with the murder of innocent farmers. Seriseo is mourned by Martha and their four children. Photo: David Stephenson.



Zaynab of Bir El-Idd Bedouin village in the South Hebron Hills. Her family’s assets have been subject to demolition orders. Photo: Mark Condren.



Fenias Mazembe (45) a member of the Emergency response association of Josina Machel, Gavuro Machanga District, Mozambique,  an area frequently affected by flooding, February 2011. Photo: Hu O’Reilly.




A boy drinks at a Trocaire-funded water pump in the village of Sattar Dino, Dadu.  Photo: Eoghan Rice/Trócaire.



Sylvie Charles Pierre,10, at the Ecole Anne Marie Javouhey in Port au Prince, where Trócaire funds school feeding and repairs after January’s 2010 earthquake. Photo: Jeannie O’Brien.



Alex Flyton sitting outside his house in Mtuwa, Chikwawa, Malawi, November 2011. Alex’s family have benefitted from the Global Gift of Goats. Photo Alan Whelan/Trócaire.



Elizabeth Lomoe displays some of the crops that grow all year round thanks to a Trocaire-funded irrigation system on her farm in Nakwalekwi, northern Kenya. Photo: Eoghan Rice/Trócaire.



Estafenia Rivera (9) Diamante del Sion, Jutiapa parish, north Honduras. Trocaire built these houses after Hurricane Mitch destroyed the country in 1998. Photo: Jeannie O’Brien.



Adelaide Josel (22) and baby Altenina Jone. Adelaide is a member of the Emergency response association of Josina Machel, Gavuro, Machanga District, Mozambique, an area frequently affected by flooding, February 2011. Photo:  Hu O’Reilly.


Ok, I  admit, 11 for 11 was a catchy headlne but I couldn’t keep it to 11 photos, had to add just three more.



Martha and Micheal with their son Tapiwa in Zimbabwe. Although Martha is living with HIV, Tapiwa was born HIV free thanks to the treatment she received at Trócaire partner Mashambanzou Care Trust. Photo: Eithne Brennan/Trócaire.



Malita Mbuzi, part of a welcoming group as Trócaire visits Mtuwa in Chikwawa to document the impact of  the Global Gifts of goats, chickens, solar ovens, the gift of a business kit and the gift of water. Photo: Alan Whelan/Trócaire.



Mum was the word as TV3’s Aisling O Loughlin and mums-to-be launched our Christmas gifts. The group of eleven pregnant women highlighted our Gift of Safe Motherhood for women in southwest Somalia, where one in eleven women die during pregnancy and childbirth. Photo: Hu O’Reilly



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