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Help Malita adapt to the extremes of flooding and drought

Malita and her twins, Patricia and Patrick (age 12) on their land in Malawi.

Too little or too much water is a daily struggle for Malita. You can help Malita and her family build a more secure future in the face of devastating climate change.

In a single year, Malita and her family can face the extremes of too much and too little water, seeing both flash flooding and withering dry spells, destroying her crops and the family’s food supplies. 

Every day, Malita, her daughters Patricia and Margaret or son Patrick walk for hours to fetch water from the nearest well. Sometimes this can take the children over an hour and means they miss school.  

Despite the poverty and unpredictability they face, Malita’s family are resilient and resourceful, determined to adapt to the changing climate, and Malita’s priority is to ensure her children don’t go hungry. 

Your support can change the lives of families like Malita’s, in Malawi and all over the world. With your help, we can work with families when there is too much water, strengthening flood defences and emergency responses and when there is too little, we can help adapt irrigation systems and provide better access to safe water. 

With your help, and along with the communities of Malawi, we can bring real change to real lives.

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