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From Limerick with Love

My name is Sharon and as a Trócaire volunteer, I was introduced to Awut & Ajak, the two mothers featured in Trócaire’s 2021 Lenten Campaign. From the moment I heard their story along with the story of their families, their community and many more like them, I was deeply moved. The way they came together to rebuild their lives through love, friendship, and solidarity amidst the horrors and loss of a civil war. In their remarkable community, despite many obstacles, these amazing women face these challenges together.

Fr. James, my local parish priest, made such a heartfelt appeal to us, asking us to remember our brothers and sisters in South Sudan and that we hold their hands in solidarity. As I heard his words, they too touched my heart, and I was deeply prompted to respond. And so, the ‘From Limerick with Love’ journey began, born out of the collective response of so many people in Limerick to Fr. James’ appeal.

As God’s people we are called to respond in love and to walk in solidarity with the most vulnerable. Even though we have not been able to gather within our churches, we were able to come together as a community, as the body of Christ, to reach out in solidarity with our global neighbours and show them our support.

As a result of conflict about 3.8 million people in South Sudan had to flee their homes and walk for miles and miles in search of refuge. Over Lent we walked in solidarity and as we walked, we reflected upon not only their struggles but also their strength, and it has inspired us to keep going. We do so to make a real difference in the lives of those we probably will never meet, but one day soon they will hear about the people of Limerick and about how we cared.

We had 90 participants taking part from all over Limerick City & County, and from other places far and wide. We collectively covered the distance of 15,000 kms and we have raised €7,000. I hope that this is just the first of many more awareness and fund-raising events to happen in Limerick. Within this event we received as much as we gave, it brought us all such fun, joy, community and purpose, and I truly look forward to the next one.

Sharon Collopy

Trócaire Volunteer,

Diocese of Limerick.


Words from Participants

Patricia (Newcastle West): “As I took part in ‘From Limerick with Love’ I felt connected in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in South Sudan.”

Rose O’Connor: “I pray that the people of South Sudan felt the love and sense of kinship that we in Limerick shared with them as we walked, ran or cycled through Lent. Such wonderful resilient people”

Mary O’Regan: “When I was walking, I thought of the mothers in South Sudan. Walking for me was very enjoyable, stress-free and I looked forward to it daily. However, for them, it is either a necessity, to collect water or to take their families and flee their homes because of war. Hopefully, our small efforts will help alleviate some of their suffering.

Bertie O’ hAinmhire: (he organised his own walk/run to South Sudan and had an Irish language Just Giving page that he promoted on FB. He raised €580):

“During the last Lenten campaign an elderly neighbour called to me with a cheque for Trócaire. He said that he heard that I had written a piece in Irish “on that Facelift thing” about Trócaire’s work. Not a regular contributor to Facebook but still managed to get the message!”

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