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Christmas Eve in Galway

Being so passionate about human rights and the environment, it’s no surprise that Geraldine has been volunteering with Trocaire for over ten years now, not only fundraising for us but also holding talks and running stalls at events to educate people about the work Trocaire does.

“Trocaire has so many great aspects; justice, wisdom, courage, and a very kind understanding of the people whom they help.”

That’s something that Geraldine believes lies at the heart of engaging people – connecting with them on things that are important, on things that will move them to do something. That’s why in December 2020, when the world was in the grip of an unprecedented Pandemic, she wanted to do something practical and raise vital funds too.

‘’I used to sell Fairtrade products in Galway Market, so I thought I would use those skills and raise money for Trócaire.’’

Geraldine loves being out and about in the community, connecting with people face to face. So, on Christmas Eve she set up a stall outside the Galway shopping centre to sell Trócaire Gifts of Love. These are a range of gifts, from Soap and solar lamps, to goats and farming tools that people can buy for people overseas who really need them.

‘’I thought that fundraising on Christmas Eve was perfect. People like giving on Christmas Eve and Trócaire is very dependable and trustworthy.’’

There was a lot of organising that went into setting up the stall; there were permits to think of and Geraldine had to make sure she had everything she needed to make it a success, but it was all worth it because this is what she loves doing the most.

“Doing a stall is very sociable and I really enjoy it, I love the contact with people.”

For Geraldine, supporting Trócaire goes much deeper than the money she raises, it’s about the people she meets and being part of something she cares so deeply about. It is about community.

‘’I’m out there in the fresh air, I’m in the middle of all that’s going on in the street, I feel part of the community. I feel that I am doing something practical for the people who need our help.’’

That Christmas Eve, Geraldine, with her enthusiasm and dedication, raised €508 for people less in need of our support. She is an inspiration to us all.

Her story is one of many. The people who fundraise for us are incredible. If you are ready to start your own inspiring story, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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