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Board and Committee

Exciting Opportunity to join Trócaire’s Board, Trócaire Northern Ireland Board or Organisation and Human Resources Board Committee.

Trócaire is currently seeking applications for several Board and Board Committee roles. Trócaire’s independent, voluntary Group Board and Trócaire Northern Ireland Board, supported by the Board committees, play a critical role in overseeing strategy, structure and budgets.

About Trócaire’s Board and Board Committees

The function of the Trócaire (Group) Board of Directors is to govern Trócaire according to the values of the organisation, to provide strategic direction, and to maintain oversight on performance and risk management.

The function of the Board of Directors of Trócaire Northern Ireland (TNI) is to govern TNI, as a subsidiary of Trócaire, and to provide oversight of Trócaire’s operations in Northern Ireland. The Board of Directors of Trócaire Northern Ireland will also advise the (Group) Board of Trócaire on matters related to Northern Ireland.

The work of the Board is supported by five Committees, including an Organisations and Human Resources (OHR) Committee. The OHR Committee provides advice support and guidance to the Board and Executive on all matters relating to Human Resources, considering Trócaire’s global and diverse employee population.

Board Directors and Board Committee members are not remunerated.

The Board meet seven times per year (including an Annual General Meeting and Away Day). Meetings are a mix of in-person, hybrid and online. The Board Committees meet at least four times per year.

Current Openings

Trócaire is currently seeking applications for additional members to join the following committees for a term of three years (with a possibility of one term renewal):

  • One new Company Director to join the Board of Trócaire. We are interested in candidates with experience/ expertise in charity/non-profit governance or regulation in Ireland or a similar jurisdiction; and/or working knowledge of Irish charity law, or legal frameworks in similar jurisdictions and a willingness to learn more about Irish charity law: https://apply.workable.com/trocaire/j/9FD3D76664/
  • Two new Directors to join the Board of Trócaire Northern Ireland. We are particularly interested in:
    1. Candidates with a background and expertise in Finance and Accounting (qualified accountants): https://apply.workable.com/trocaire/j/F0A215CD52/
    2. Candidates with legal, (charity) governance, compliance and/or risk management experience and expertise: https://apply.workable.com/trocaire/j/F0A215CD52/
  • Two new members of the Organisation and Human Resources (OHR) Committee of the Board. We are particularly interested in:
    1. Human Resource professionals who have depth and breadth of experience working in Fragile and Conflict Affected States: https://apply.workable.com/trocaire/j/0210BC7751/
    2. Human Resource professionals who have depth and breadth of experience working on Safeguarding: https://apply.workable.com/trocaire/j/9CC0891DC0/

Trócaire is committed to ensuring it has Board and Board Committee members with different skills, experience, perspectives and backgrounds, so as to enable Trócaire to deliver on its mission and strategy. Trócaire particularly welcomes applications from individuals from the Global South or with experience working in the Global South.

Closing date: 26 April 2024

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