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Trócaire Gifts Wedding Favours

Share your special day by choosing Trócaire Gifts Wedding Favours. Choosing Trócaire Wedding favours is a thoughtful and generous way to support families and communities in the developing world. It can change someone’s life for the better and give them the chance of a brighter future.

Wedding favours

What your Trócaire Gifts Wedding Favours will look like, outside and inside.

How it works

You select your desired number of wedding favours depending on the number of guests present on your special day. Trócaire will provide you with beautiful individual place cards as favours for each guest to inform them of your generous donation on their behalf.

The favours will be sent via post directly to your chosen address. Please allow up to five working days for the delivery of your favours. You will receive your chosen number of individual place cards and a letter acknowledging your purchase which also acts as a receipt.

Each individual favour is €1/£1. So, for example, if you have 50 people at your wedding, that’s 50 individual favours and a donation of €50 to Trócaire.

How to buy wedding favours

To order wedding favours for your guests, please call us on LoCall 1850 408 408 (ROI) or FREEPHONE 0800 912 1200 (NI).

How your wedding favours will make a difference

€50/£50 (50 favours) - The Gift of a Goat

Your wedding favours gift will support vulnerable farming families to improve their food security and income with the gift of locally-sourced goats. As well as being a valuable source of nutritious milk, the first offspring of a goat is shared with another poor family in the community, while further offspring can be sold in the market place to provide an income for a family. This money means parents and guardians can improve the diet of their family, educate their children and access healthcare.

€85/£85 (85 favours) - Mother and New Born Baby Care

Maternal mortality rates in Somalia are amongst the highest in the world. One in 12 mothers die due to pregnancy-related issues. Most mothers give birth at home with the help of traditional birth attendants, usually with limited skills and equipment. Trócaire is currently supporting 17 women to undertake an 18-month midwifery course in Mogadishu - allowing us to place at least 10 trained midwives in the most remote villages. Your gift will help reduce maternal death rates by supporting this vital initiative.

€100/£100 (100 favours) - Water Pumps and Irrigation

Without water there can be no life. Your wedding favour gifts will help support projects such as digging wells and conserving rain water for irrigation purposes. This allows farmers to grow crops and maintain healthy livestock and feed their families. Clean water is urgently needed in places like Malawi where drought is causing widespread famine and death.

€150/£150 (150 favours) - Land for a Family Home

For the majority of families living in the developing world, land and access to land means everything. It is home; it is where they grow the food they eat; and it is often how they derive an income. But in times of conflict families can be driven from their homes and their land, and be left with no means to support themselves. Trócaire is working with vulnerable communities in Myanmar, Honduras and Guatemala to provide education on land rights and how to secure land titles.

Make a real difference by adding Trócaire Gifts Wedding Favours to your wedding list.

Call us on LoCall 1850 408 408 (ROI) or Free Phone 0800 912 1200 (NI).