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Water gift

Access to life-preserving resource for home & farm

Your gift of water pumps and irrigation

Let your generosity flow with the gift of water.

Clean, safe, and healthy, fresh water is the gift that keeps on giving, year in and year out.

Dirty water kills millions of children around the world every year.

Clean drinking water means less disease, fewer deaths and happier, healthier families.

Irrigation systems, including water conservation, harvesting, and recycling, also help families to grow more fruit, grains and vegetables so they have better harvests and a variety of healthy food.



Harvesting rainwater to make kitchen gardens grow

Francine Mukandamage, 36, is from the village of Nyarugeti in Rwanda.

Francine feared she would not be able to grow enough food to support herself and her nephew Elisa, due to a shortage of land and a lack of water.

But since a rainwater tank was built directly outside her home in January 2017, she has been able to water her kitchen garden, which is now teeming with onions and cabbages.

"It used to be a lot more difficult to get water. There was a thirty minute walk to get to the water point and often when I got there, there were long queues and arguments and jockeying for position", Francine said.

She now has extra income for school fees, pens, books and clothes for her nephew Elisa. She can also buy salt, beans and sweet potatoes to improve their diet.

Thanks to the love and support of the Irish public, Francine is now hopeful for her and her nephew's future.