Supporting Entrepreneurs - €250 / £200

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Empower women to start small businesses

Your gift of support to entrepreneurs

Your thoughtful gift supports women to get their business started and to become more financially independent.

It provides management, leadership, new business skills and a small loan.

Whether it is sewing, hairdressing or farming, it gives women a new source of income and greater control of their own lives.

In turn these women invest in their family’s education improving life for them and uplifting their whole community.

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Business success in Rwanda

Athanasie Nirere (36) started running her successful shop and farming business when she got a microfinance loan through Trócaire in 2009.

She was originally given a  loan of 50,000 Rwandan Francs, the equivalent of €50, and established a shop selling farming produce.

The shop now sells a wide variety of produce: vegetables, cooking oil, locks, and toys. Her last loan was for €800 and she has approval to borrow a further €2,000 in the future.

Athanasie says the success of her business has made a massive difference to her family, “Now that business is going well, we have good access to water from our house, we have electricity. My children don’t have to spend time getting water or gathering firewood. They can focus on their study.”