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Clean, free lighting for families with no electricity

Your gift of a solar lamp

Be a beacon of light this Christmas

A light in the darkness that is safe to use and free to run for families in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Night-time comes early in DRC, where the sun sets around 6pm every evening.

Most family homes in DRC have no electricity and use kerosene lamps that emit dangerous fumes, are expensive, dirty and a huge fire hazard.

A fully-charged solar lamp provides six hours of light. So families can easily cook and care for children in the evening.

solar light uganda

Be a beacon of light this Christmas

When you live on the equator, like 16 year old Chance does, the sun goes down at 6pm every single day.

In parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo, families make do with the use of either kerosene lamps or traditional oil lamps after dark. But both pose real danger. Traditional lamps are a serious fire risk and kerosene is expensive and produces harmful fumes.

But thanks to a Trócaire supporter, Chance’s family received a solar lamp. Not only has it made their home safer, it has also allowed Chance to get more homework done after it gets dark at 6pm. In fact, in one academic year, Chance’s average marks improved from 55% to over 70% - all thanks to the gift of a solar lamp.

Chance said: “Our traditional lamp was causing eye and breathing problems and has also started several fires which ruined property including my school books. So the solar lamp has helped us a great deal. I have been able to prepare my lessons and study for exams at night. I say a ‘big’ thank you to Trócaire!”