Solar Lamp in the DRC - €15 / £10

Solar lamp

Clean, free lighting for families with no electricity

Your gift of a solar lamp

A light in the darkness that is safe to use and free to run for families in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Night-time comes early in DRC, where the sun sets around 6pm every evening.

Most family homes in DRC have no electricity and use kerosene lamps that emit dangerous fumes, are expensive, dirty and a huge fire hazard.

A fully-charged solar lamp provides six hours of light. So families can easily cook and care for children in the evening, and children like Maria Namongo from north east Uganda, can do her homework.


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Preserving health and saving money

Residents of Nakamoto South, Kotido, Uganda told us about the many benefits that solar lights have had in their community. These include freedom for the hazardous smoke and fumes from kerosene lamps, pest control, helping farm work at night and saving money.

"I have saved the money I was spending on paraffin every year. This saving has helped me to increase my diet, and buy vegetables and sugar," villager Margaret Ssentuka told us.