Seeds and Tools - € 15 / £10

Seeds and Tools - Trocaire

Make a Garden Grow

Make a Garden Grow

Fruit seeds, vegetable seeds plus tools like hoes and spades. Your Gift of Seeds and Tools will give families struggling to put food on the table everything they need to plant, tend and grow, healthy, nutritious, fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Picture: A family in northern Sierra Leone pose with seeds they received thanks to a Trócaire Gift of Seeds and Tools. Photo: Michael Solis.


Sowing success with seeds and tools

Mother of seven, Kadiatu Kargbo (35), lives in Sierra Leone along with her husband and children. With their only income coming from the rice they produced, they struggled to provide enough food for their family.

With the Trócaire gifts of seeds and tools including a wheelbarrow, hoe, watercan and rakes, Kadiatu was able to plant cassava, pepper, eggplant and potatoes. She also received training in farming techniques and is now able to grow a wide range of vegetables for the family.

“We no longer have to buy our food from the market – we can grow our own. All I have to do is go to the farm to pick eggplants and peppers to make soup.”

Kadiatu now feels empowered within the household and is able to help take care of her family. She has recently started a small business selling vegetable boxes, groundnuts and rice which supports her children to go to school.