School Lunches - €30.00 / £20.00

school lunches

Vital daily support for school children in Somalia

Your gift of school lunches

Nutritious and plentiful, a school lunch is a life-line for many children in Somalia.

The ongoing conflict in Somalia is making basic survival extremely difficult for many families. It’s hard to find even one meal a day, so children walk to school on empty stomachs.

Your gift will give six children a lunch of maize and beans every school day for a month.

You’ll help children to concentrate in class, stop rumbling tummies and save mothers, fathers and caregivers the worry of providing food during the day.


Pupils at the Belet Amin primary school

Education is an equalizer

Over 4000 children in 15 primary schools benefit from our lunch programme across the Gedo region of Southern Somalia. 

Abdi Mohammed, Trócaire’s Education Officer in Gedo says that: “Most of these children would probably be herding cattle, assisting in home chores such as fetching water, cooking and cleaning in their villages, but the school feeding program is now able to retain them in classes. This is the only viable way to keep these children in school. Education is an equalizer in the society and these efforts will pay off in the future."

Image: Pupils at the Belet Amin primary school line up to wash their hands ahead of their lunch.