Ox Plough and Farming Tools - € 200 / £170

Trocaire Ox Plough

Get a Family Farming

Get a Family Farming

70% of the world's poorest people depend on farming for their survival. Yet, they often lack the basic tools needed to provide food and income for their families.

Your Gift will provide a family with an ox plough, tools, farm clothes, a wheel barrow, watering cans and seeds. This Gift will give them what they need to start a self-sufficient farm and grow nutritious food.

Picture: Abraham and his family from Temboro Zone in Ethiopia. (Photo: Samson Haileyesus)


The Gift of an Ox Plough could make a life changing difference in South Sudan

When violence suddenly erupted in her village in South Sudan in 2013, Nyawai Gol Toul Khot (36) was forced to flee immediately with her six young children and her elderly mother. Her husband, who wasn’t at home at the time, has never been seen since.

“We had to leave everything behind and flee to save our lives,” she said. “I have not seen or heard from my husband since we escaped.”

The family spent 10 long days walking through the swamp but reached a refugee camp in Pagarau. There they ate wild fruits and leaves to survive and had no belongings. “I had no hope because I had nothing.”

Caritas arrived at the camp, bringing aid. The family was given food, jerry cans and soap.

Nyawai said: “I am happy now because I can see the health of my children has improved after receiving the support. My children were very malnourished before and now my children look healthy.

“Although my food is finished now, I am able to feed my children on vegetable leaves but my challenge will be when it dries up in the dry season.

“If I had seeds and ox-plough, I would be able to cultivate this season because I was given a land to cultivate by the community so that I can feed my children.

“Thank you to those who have supported me and my children but I still put my hope in you. I need more help to raise my six beautiful children.”