Olive tree - €5.00 / £4.00

Olive tree gift

Supporting Palestinian olive farmers

Your gift of olive trees

Drought-resistant, fruitful, healthy and very long lived - an olive tree can provide food, oil and medicine for generations.

Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands has forced many farmers from their land, and destroyed ancient olive groves.

Your gift of an olive tree will support farming families to keep working on their land and to generate an income.

As a symbol of peace, your olive tree will also support Palestinian and Israeli organisations working for a lasting solution to the problems facing families in the region.


Olive tree

Protecting land in the West Bank

Fathi Shabana (65) is a farmer from the Shilo Valley in the northern West Bank.

Losing land to settler takeovers is an ongoing problem in this area, and threatens the economic stability of the farmers whose land is in danger or has been lost.  Fathi’s wish is to remain on his family land and live in peace and safety.

He told us: “These lands we are on suffer from ongoing attempts by settlers to take them over. We have to keep working them, ploughing and planting trees. These are trees we got from Trócaire, and we thank you for your efforts not only here but in other areas of the West Bank.  We ask you to keep on with this important work because it helps prevent the stealing of our land.”