Mother and New Born Baby Care - €85.00 / £75.00

mother baby care gift

Supporting maternal health in Somalia

Your gift of mother and new born baby care

Health is the greatest gift any family can receive.

Expectant mothers in war-torn Somalia often die because the hospital is too far away.

Your thoughtful gift helps stop this tragic loss of life in two ways.

Firstly, mothers will attend antenatal clinics which improve their health and the birth experience.

Secondly, it will help train midwives to care for the mothers and deliver their babies safely in a clinic.

Midwife Amran Khalif

Safer births in Somalia

One in 22 mothers giving birth can die and one in 25 babies can die within the first month. 

These are two of the highest mortality rates in the world (UNICEF 2016). 

This gift helps to fund Traditional Birth Attendants who bring the mother to a clinic and a midwife who delivers the baby. 

By encouraging mothers to give birth in a clinic with a midwife rather than having a home birth, complications can be addressed as they arise. 

Image: Midwife Amran Khalif attends new mother Bishara Ali Kitnige at the Khalil hospital, southern Somalia.