Mother and New Born Baby Care - € 85 / £75

Mother and New Born Baby Care gift

Supporting maternal health in Somalia

Your gift of mother and new born baby care

Health is the greatest gift any family can receive.

Expectant mothers in war-torn Somalia often die because the hospital is too far away.

Your thoughtful gift helps stop this tragic loss of life in two ways.

Firstly, mothers will attend antenatal clinics which improve their health and the birth experience.

Secondly, it will help train midwives to care for the mothers and deliver their babies safely in a clinic.

Picture: Adeego Adan Hussein is assisted by hospital staff with her daughter, Deequa in Somalia. Photo: Amunga Eshuci.

Midwife Amran Khalif

The gift of new life and safe delivery

Somalia is one of the most dangerous places to have a baby due to the very limited maternity services available. Many women sadly lose their babies or die during childbirth.

Amran Abdi would have been one of these women were it not for services provided by Khalil hospital, run by Trócaire.

Complications during the birth of her baby meant Amran needed an emergency caesarean-section. Thanks to the doctors and midwives at the hospital, her beautiful baby boy was delivered safely and Amran recovered fully.

Risks during childbirth are high, and for Amran and many other Somali women, such hospitals are a lifeline. “I am so thankful for the lifesaving services I received at Khalil hospital. If I had this care previously, I might not have lost my other two babies,” she said.

Through the programme, mothers also receive a baby kit of clothes and newborn essentials as well as education on care during pregnancy and after birth which is having a big impact on the health of mothers and babies in the region.