Land for a Family Home - €150 / £125

land for a family home

Protect families' rights to their homes & farms

Your gift of land for a family home

No-one should live in fear of losing everything they have.

During conflict, families often lose their land, home, crops and animals. With nothing to support themselves, they quickly become hungry and desperate.

Your thoughtful gift reaches vulnerable families in Myanmar, Honduras and Guatemala.

It provides education on rights, titles and ownership as well as legal support so that families can hold on to the land that is theirs.

Digna Idalia Perdomo Díaz

Protecting her community's rights

Digna Idalia Perdomo Díaz is from Panama Community, Bajo Aguan, Honduras, one of the many communities that have lost their lands through the expansion of palm oil plantations.

Now, she volunteers with Trócaire’s partner, the Permanent Human Rights Observatory of the Aguan, as a human rights observer.

She documents and reports on the violence and threats against her community and others.