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Trócaire Gifts of Love

To order by phone call 1850 408 408 (ROI) or 0800 912 1200 (NI).

How it works

When you buy a Trócaire Gift of Love, you’re not just giving. You’re joining the fight for justice. Buy a Trócaire Gift of Love and send some love around the world this Christmas

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What happens when you buy a Trócaire Gift of Love

When you buy a Trócaire Gift, your money goes to the developing world – buying life-changing gifts for people who really need them as well as funding critical work in Trócaire's justice, resource rights and women's empowerment programmes. 

When you buy online, you can choose either a traditional gift card or an e-card.

  • The traditional card will be posted out to your address within 3 working days.
  • The e-card will be emailed to your chosen recipient immediately or at a time you schedule.  You will be able to enter a personal greeting in the e-card, and send it to anyone you choose – a friend, family member or client.


More ways to give

You can buy One4all Trócaire gift cards in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. You can also buy Trócaire Gifts cards at selected retail outlets countrywide, by phone, by post, and by fax. Full details on more ways to buy Trócaire gifts.

If you would prefer not to buy a Trócaire Gift at this time, then please consider donating to Trócaire this Christmas.

Frequently asked questions

Is this website secure for buying gifts?

Yes. We use Realex Payments and PayPal to process credit card payments. All data transmitted is encrypted and the site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the transactions are secure.

What do I receive when I order a gift with a traditional card?

You will receive a card featuring a stunning photograph relating to your gift to give to the person of your choice. The card has a blank area for you to personalise. It also describes how the selected gift will be used so the recipient of the card can read about how their gift will benefit families in need.

What do I receive when I order a gift with an e-card?

The e-card is sent directly, via email, to the recipient you specify. The e-card has a blank area for you to personalise (you can add your personal message on the checkout page). It also contains information about the gift you have purchased. It can be sent straight away or on any date you chose, via email, once the gift has been purchased.

Can I send a traditional card directly to someone?

No. We send the card(s) to you so that you can personalise and pass them on.

How long will it take to receive my gift card?

If you have ordered a gift by post, please allow up to one week for delivery of your gift card. E-cards will be delivered instantly or on the date you select, at checkout.

Can I make a general donation with my Trócaire Gifts purchase?

Yes, once you choose the gifts and go to the checkout form you have the option to make an additional donation. You can also donate using our donation form here.

How is my gift delivered to the recipient?

The card is delivered to you, so that you can personalise it and pass it on. The e-card is delivered instantly via email, or on a date you specify. The actual gift is sourced locally, thus supporting the local economy, and delivered to individuals and communities by Trócaire's partner organisations in the relevant country.

Can I order the gifts by phone?

Yes, if you are in the Republic of Ireland you can call Locall 1850 408 408. From Northern Ireland you can call Freephone 0800 912 1200.

Are the gifts real?

Yes, each year real families receive real gifts that our supporters choose to buy. Have a look at the stories and videos of the families and communities that have benefited from the gifts they received on our Trócaire Gifts pages

Does each gift equal a gift overseas? For every chick/ goat/ school kit bought this year will a family overseas get a gift?

No, it is actually much more than that. 

When you purchase a gift, your donation goes to providing gifts as well as funding critical work in the programme the gift belongs to. 

For example, the gifts of chicks, goats, seeds, tools and water belong to our livelihoods programme. So the money raised through the sale of these three gifts will only go into our livelihoods programme and will be used to purchase the gifts as well as fund other critical work in this programme such as helping families to farm and earn an income.

By having flexibility in how we spend your money across our programmes, we are better able to respond to the needs of the families we are working with in the developing world. 

Where do you get the gifts?

All of our gifts are sourced in the countries where they are needed. This means that the gifts not only improve the lives of the families and communities that receive them, they also benefit the local businesses and farmers that supply them. 

This is the most cost efficient way to distribute gifts so less of your money is spent on the logistics and transportation of gifts and more money reaches vulnerable families the developing world.

What our supporters say...

We asked John Magee from Co. Cork why he likes to give and receive Trócaire Gifts:

John Magee from Cork with his sons

“We like to educate our children and let them know how fortunate they are compared to others. I always liked the Trócaire gifts as I thought they were very practical. I see huge benefit in buying gifts like these”.