Goats - € 50 / £40

Goat - Trocaire

Provide income and food for families in Kenya & DRC

Your gift of a goat

Lively, healthy and easy to care for, a goat provides food and money for farming families.

Goats can produce up to four litres of milk daily, so families can make money selling the excess.

They can also give birth to kids twice a year, often producing twins or triplets, that grow up to have more kids.

The income earned from these goats can help to improve a family’s diet, and pay for education and healthcare.

Picture: Urkabel (5), from Tigray northern Ethiopia, with his goat. (Photo: Jeannie O’Brien)


“I am now a role model for my community”

The vast, dry lands of Ishiara, Kenya receive little or no rainfall.

Perhaps one of the area’s worst bouts of drought was in 2006, when its residents had to rely on food aid to survive.

Adrian Igoki Mwaniki (47), a farmer and mother of five, was hit hard. Most of her livestock died and she could not afford to take care of the basic needs of her home.

To support her recovery, Adrian received six goats as well as training on how to take care of them. Any kids produced by her goats were shared with other families in need in her parish.

Over the years this gift of goats has been a great source of both sustenance and income.

“I have been able to educate my children up to college level,” says Adrian, whose eldest son is now an army officer, and all others are in school or college.