Fix a Well - € 1,000 / £1,000

Can you fix it?

Can you fix it?

Water is life, but for many families accessing clean water is a daily challenge.

Your Gift to Fix A Well will give communities the skills and equipment needed to fix and maintain wells that have fallen into disrepair. Your amazing gift can bring clean, safe, water to an entire community in countries such as war-torn South Sudan.

Picture: Gemo Muni from Dilo District, Ethiopia. (Photo: Tamiru Legesse).


Fix a Well

In South Sudan, Mayom Adit and Elizabeth Akur Athian are part of the Water Committee in their community and help to look after the borehole in their village. Previously, when it stopped working, people were forced to drink contaminated water or travel very long distances to find another well.

Thanks to support from Trócaire and its Caritas partners, the community has received maintenance training along with replacement parts and tools to allow them to repair their well when necessary.

“Some of the metal parts were rusting in the pump and causing disease but the parts have now been replaced. We were also able to build a platform and a fence to stop cows causing damage,” they said.

This support has been vital and people are now much healthier. “The clean water has helped us to reduce water borne disease in the community and people are no longer being affected by guinea worms. Thank you!”

Mayom Adit (left) and Elizabeth (second from right) with members of the water committee. Photo: Trócaire.