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The Gift of Chicks

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Chicks make great gifts for lots of reasons, not just because they’re cute and fluffy.

They grow up to be one of the most useful resources for a family in need. And they produce more chicks, so it’s a gift keeps on giving.

Eggs provide nutritious food, while surplus produce can be sold in local markets; earning money all year round.

Even droppings can also be put to good use as fertiliser in vegetable gardens, helping to add health and variety to a family’s diet.

Picture: Szefel

hido chicks story

Thank you for my chicks!

Hido from Billa village in Ethiopia, is married with two young children.

When her six chicks arrived she was thrilled because she knew she would have eggs to help feed her family, as well as a new source of income. "Thank you for my chicks. I have sold 30 eggs and have used the money to buy a hen for breeding. I now have five new chicks.”

Chicks and hens do not require much capital and are a great way for women like Hido to earn money and feed their family. According to Hido, the increase in protein and vitamins is making them all healthier every day.