Beehives - €65.00 / £55.00


Provide a new livelihood for families in Kenya

Your gift of beehives in Kenya

Bring an eco-friendly, healthy buzz to families in Kenya.

Families in Kenya struggle to survive long periods of drought and generally poor farming conditions. Beekeeping is one of the few ways to earn an income without damaging the environment.

Your gift will provide a family with training, bees, hives, flowering plants and water.

Once the bees move in, families can earn money selling honey and beeswax for candles and soap.

dorcus with her bees

A new source of income

Dorcus is from Kitui County, one of the driest areas of Kenya. 

Trócaire provided beehives to 20 people in Dorcus’ village as well as training on how to look after the bees and produce honey. 

They call themselves the Mwasuma Beekeepers. Each member has five hives, and earns money selling honey and beeswax for candles and soap. The group has done really well and are talking about starting a honey processing factory in Kitui one day.