Honey Bees - € 65 / £55


Provide a new livelihood for families in Kenya

Your gift of beehives in Kenya

Bring an eco-friendly, healthy buzz to families in Kenya.

Families in Kenya struggle to survive long periods of drought and generally poor farming conditions. Beekeeping is one of the few ways to earn an income without damaging the environment.

Your gift will provide a family with training, bees, hives, flowering plants and water.

Once the bees move in, families can earn money selling honey and beeswax for candles and soap.

Picture: Dorcus S.Kenyatta with her beehives, Kitui County, Kenya. Photo: George Kamau.


A new livelihood for struggling young people

In Kenya, long periods of drought is making it difficult for many farmers to grow enough food to make a living, or indeed to even feed their own families.

In these areas it is vital that families have an alternative to traditional farming to generate income. Trócaire is helping them to develop new ways of earning money to overcome the impacts of climate change, and beekeeping does just that.

Jane Ngugi (34) hails from one of the driest parts of Embu County, Kenya. Thanks to the gift of ten beehives, her local community has setup a small beekeeping group which Jane has joined.

The project has provided her with a vital source of extra income which allows her to support her family and pay school fees for her two children. Jane can earn up to €200 a year from her beekeeping and is optimistic that the future is bright.