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Occupied Territories Bill

What are your TDs doing to make this a reality?


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We’d love to share how your support is having a positive impact on people's lives, and other ways you can help people live free from fear.

Conflict is affecting the lives of too many innocent people.

In Palestine today, land is being stolen from families. Their homes demolished to make way for illegal Israeli settlements. The building of these settlements is against international law and a barrier to peace in the region. 

The Irish Government agrees that these settlements are illegal, but it continues to allow trade with them.

We have an historic opportunity to pass legislation that would make it illegal to sell goods from Israeli settlements in Ireland.

Will you ask your TDs what they are doing to make sure this vital Bill passes?

We are not targeting Fine Gael TDs as they have made it clear that they will not support the Bill. However, with enough support from the rest of the Dáil, the Bill can be passed.

What you need to know about the Occupied Territories Bill

Dear Deputy,

I am writing to you as your constituent about the Occupied Territories Bill 2018.

I wanted to thank you for your party’s ongoing leadership in supporting this historic piece of legislation, firstly through the Seanad and now the Dáil. As someone who believes in peace and justice, this Bill is very important to me.

The Occupied Territories Bill provides a vital opportunity to challenge the ongoing injustices in occupied territories such as Palestine, where illegal Israeli settlements are being built on stolen land. I was extremely proud to see it receive majority support in the Oireachtas, signalling Ireland’s intention to uphold international law and ban the import of goods and services from these occupied territories.

As I have not heard much news recently about what is happening with the Occupied Territories Bill, I wanted to ask you, as my local representative, if you have any update on its progress?

Do you know when it will be passed, and can you please provide me with any update about what you and your party are doing to ensure it becomes law?

Many thanks in advance for your response.