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Making a Killing

Stop big business profiting from abuse.



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You might ask, “Why petition for a UN Treaty on Business and Human Rights?”

Because it would hold corrupt businesses to account for the human rights violations they commit. Because each day companies get away with illegally destroying lives, communities and the sanctity of the environment … your environment.

By signing this petition you’ll also help protect some of the bravest people on earth. You’ll stand alongside the Human Rights Defenders who fight corporate bullying through peaceful protest and legal means.

You’ll stand with Angela, a worried mother in Honduras. You’ll be with her as she fights the company that pollutes her water and makes her children sick.

You’ll stand with Adela and Jose who looked on in anguish with their children as their home was burned to the ground. As they were illegally driven from their ancestral lands in Guatemala.

In Honduras, you’ll stand with Floresmira too. Her father’s body was ripped from his grave by a mining company to get at the metals below. She bravely stood over the grave until they returned her father to rest.

And you’ll stand with Bertha, a loving daughter whose mother was murdered. Slain in cold blood.

Please take a look at the picture above. That’s Bertha Zuniga Caceres. Her brave, beloved mother Berta was a famous environmental activist in her native Honduras. The world’s largest dam builder threatened to illegally destroy her people’s river and shatter their way of life. Remarkably, with the help of Trócaire supporters like you, Bertha’s mother built a huge grassroots campaign. Remarkably, Bertha’s mother successfully stalled the project.

But Bertha’s brave, beloved mother was gunned down in cold blood.

Murdered by assassins sent by that same company.

Bertha courageously carries on her mother’s fight to end the project for good. And she has already survived one attempt on her own life.

By signing this petition, you add your voice to hers. The pressure you help apply, and the light you help shine, truly will protect brave people like Bertha.

Your signature can save lives. Please scroll up and sign the petition now.

Trócaire is asking the Irish and UK Governments to actively engage in the process to create such a treaty. We will make sure your voice is heard!