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Lent 2020

Your support will help women
like Angela and Madris protect their families as well as protecting the world's
poorest people from the Coronavirus.

Meet Angela, Madris and their families


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How your Donations can help


€10 can provide eggs for a hungry family like Madris’s by helping to buy two chickens


€55 can keep children like Joy-Faith and Alex learning, by helping to pay for their school fees 


€70 Can help pay for Farm animals like Goats which can provide a vital source of food for families


€100 can ease suffering for little babies like Helen, by helping purchase healing medicine 


€150 can pay for a treadle pump, which manually draws water from the ground. Allowing families like Madris’s to water their crops and help enjoy a good harvest. 

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Ways to Act

Hold them in your heart this Lent


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