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Irish Grant Scheme

Through the Mobilising for Justice Grant Scheme, Trócaire has offered support to projects in development education, campaigning and advocacy across the island of Ireland. These projects have raised awareness of Ireland’s role in addressing global injustice and poverty.

Development Perpectives

Development Perspectives is one of Trócaire's key development education partners and a recipient of a Mobilising for Justice Grant.

The Grant Scheme in 2017

Trócaire will be reviewing the Mobilising for Justice (MFJ) Grant Scheme this summer, with a view to making recommendations on its direction in early September 2017. 

Stakeholders from across a number of MFJ grant recipients will be consulted as part of that process.

Objectives of the Mobilising for Justice Grant Scheme

  • To educate people regarding the causes of global injustice and poverty and how this relates to Ireland, North and South.
  • To motivate and mobilise communities here at home to take action on issues of global injustice and poverty.
  • To advocate for specific changes, be that in structures, policies, attitudes and/or behaviour, to address global injustice and poverty.

Examples of recent projects

Poetry Ireland

The flagship project of the partnership between Poetry Ireland and Trócaire through the Mobilising for Justice Grants Scheme is the annual All-Ireland Poetry Competition.

This unique competition is open to all writers, in categories from established poets to schoolchildren, and is free to enter.

Prizes range from a fortnight’s residency in Annaghmakerrig writers’ centre, through to Kindles, book tokens and a school visit by a writer for the younger entrants.

Visit the Poetry Ireland website for more information

ECO-UNESCO’s Youth for Sustainable Development Global Youth Leaders for Change Peer Education programme (YSD)

ECO-UNESCO empowers young people to become future global youth leaders with the knowledge, skills, values and motivation to take action now and in the future for a more just and sustainable world through the Youth for Sustainable Development: Global Youth leaders for Change Programme (YSD).

Eco unesco participants

Photo Courtesy of ECO-UNESCO YSD

The YSD programme provides opportunities for young people to engage in quality development education activities and strengthens their capacity to take action on global justice issues.

This is achieved through a structured peer education programme and accredited trainings for young people (15-18yrs) where they develop the knowledge, skills and values to work with their peers on global justice issues by undertaking local action projects and events.

All topics are explored through innovative, engaging and fun activities including music, art, role-plays or simulations, outdoor activities, global action project work and interaction with other groups around the globe.

Some of the comments made by the young people involved are:

“A lot of the lads in my school will tell you that we go around school and we’re constantly talking about - the really cool thing - we do in ECO-UNESCO and especially with a younger generation- the 1st to 3rd years in my school”

“I think the main thing I learned in ECO is working in teams and group work. Collaboration with other people your age – even teaching more about a subject then a teacher ever could, because you are more likely to listen to someone your own age.

Find out more about the Youth for Sustainable Development programme

Development Perspectives

The flagship project of Development Perspectives based in Drogheda is their eight-month ‘Insights’ programme to provide deep engagement for young people interested in international development issues.

In 2013, they launched their DPTV initiative, to use the power of documentary-making to provoke discussion about controversial issues, for example Genetically Modified (GM) food production, asking whether it can be a tool for positive development.