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Making a Killing

Support our call for an International Treaty on Business and Human Rights


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Some private companies are responsible for serious human rights violations in pursuit of their profits.

As a result communities are pushed off their land, evicted from their homes and their rivers and lakes are polluted.

Brave women and men who peacefully resist the actions of big business are under attack. Beatings, intimidation, even murder are all on the rise. In 2018, 247 people were killed for defending their land and human rights.

The creation of an International Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights would be an important step in holding private companies to account for any human rights abuses they are responsible for.

Sign here to support Trócaire’s call on the Irish and UK Governments to constructively engage in the process towards creating an international Treaty on Business and Human rights.

We will keep you up to date with stories of brave human rights defenders and share actions you can take to help ensure our call for a Treaty on Business and Human Rights, becomes a reality.

Learn more about Trócaire’s Business & Human Rights campaign here