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Youth Development Education Programme

Trócaire’s Youth Development Education Programme engages young people (15-25 years), their youth leaders and volunteers through a process of interaction, reflection and action. Participants are supported to make connections between their own lives and international social justice issues, and be empowered to make a positive difference in the world.

climate change challenge workshop 2015

Young people from across Ireland at the Climate Change Challenge residential programme

Workshops for Youth Groups

Trócaire offers tailored global justice workshops to groups with a minimum of 15 young people aged 15-25. We will facilitate a two-hour workshop using participative methodologies exploring a chosen global justice issue:

  • Climate Change 
  • Refugee Crisis
  • Women’s Empowerment

All workshops are provided free-of-charge and early booking is advised. For more information, contact Aine O'Driscoll, our Youth Education and Outreach Officer at aine.odriscoll(at) or +353 (0) 1 5054 3242 

Action for a Just World

Youth groups from across Ireland are currently taking part in Trócaire’s Action for a Just World youth project.

In November 2016, participants aged 15-17 years took part in a three-day residential experience, filled with participative learning activities, music performances and a full day climate refugee simulation at Ovoca Manor, Wicklow.

The youth groups then returned to their local communities to raise awareness of climate change with their peers. Some have also taken part in activities like lobbying politicians to take action on climate change.

Read our 'Action for a Just World' flyer to see how you can take action on climate change.

Action for a Just World

What participants said about the experience:
“The residential was a good experience, especially because it put us in the shoes of a migrant. We had a long day of challenges and we had to work as a team to solve them. We learned a lot about the problems climate change brings to the less fortunate communities of the world.” - Diego Brule, Youth Work Ireland, Galway
“Bring thrown into a situation similar to a refugee was so surreal. It was an experience of a lifetime, it really opened my eyes more to the struggles refugees have to go through. Even the simulation we were thrown into cannot show us the extent to which refugees struggle.” - Michelle Chiperi, Youth Work Ireland, Galway

Lobbying and campaigning skills

Twelve young people from across Ireland came to Dublin in mid-November 2016 to lobby their TDs as part of the Stop Climate Chaos Day of Action. Both Trócaire and Eco-Unesco are members of Stop Climate Chaos, a coalition of civil society organisations campaigning to ensure Ireland plays its part in preventing runaway climate change.

One participant, Alex, shared how she used the lobbying skills she used as a Trócaire programme participant at the event: 
"I found all the new statistics we learned in the workshops incredibly helpful... Being able to use your voice is one thing but it's nothing if we have no opportunity to be heard. I think it's super important to get young people into politics and make them understand lobbying is a wonderful platform to entice change. We should tell people that politicians are actually interested in what you have to say. I myself was surprised to find that there's maybe just a lot of hype and stress around such meetings (even in our heads before we go) that might put a young person off actually going to one! But if we peel it back its just two people having a debate or conversation about important issues." 

Alex at Buswells lobby eventAlex (second from right) at Stop Climate Chaos lobby event in Dublin, November 2016.

Check out this short film showcasing the experiential nature of the programme and its impact on previous participants.

If you would like to get involved in the 2017 programme please contact Aine O'Driscoll, Youth Education Officer: aine.odriscoll (at) & or call +353 (0) 1 505 3242.  

Youth Worker and Youth Leader Support

Trócaire supports educators to increase their understanding of, and confidence in, delivering development education in their practice. We facilitate workshops and courses with youth workers and leaders in the youth sector. Using active learning methodologies we will demonstrate creative ways to explore global justice issues with your groups. 

For more information or to register your interest, email aine.odriscoll (at) or call +353 (0) 1 505 3242.  

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