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Global Schools: Primary Education for a Just World

Trocaire and St Patrick's

Project steering committee with staff from St. Patrick's College and Trócaire at the project launch in November 2015

The Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Education of St. Patrick's College, and Trócaire are partners in an exciting EU-funded Development Education project called Global Schools: Primary Education for a Just World.

The project is based in St. Patrick's College, and Ireland is part of a consortium of 10 European countries, and 17 project partners. The overall aim of the project is to embed Global Learning/Development Education, into primary education across Europe.

The lead theme of the project is migration, along with the secondary themes of climate change and climate justice.

Themes will be addressed using development education methodologies, both independently and interdependently as they relate to one another, in order to demonstrate the interconnectedness of such global issues.

The project comprises a number of components, namely: training and education, awareness raising, resource development and research - targeting educators and policy makers, and working in collaboration with local education and training boards.

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What the project offers:

  • Continuous Professional Development for teachers (CPD)
  • School workshops for children
  • International teacher exchanges (read about Ireland-Portugal exchange)
  • Opportunities for peer training and learning
  • Summer courses for teachers (see 2016 summer course details below)
  • Third-party funding for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) 

In 2015, the project linked in with the European Year for Development. It also connects to the wider European development programme and global post-2015 agenda (end of Sustainable Development Goals).

Additionally, there is also an ongoing supporting research component to the project, which is being led by four countries, including Ireland.

This aims to identify the “state of the art” of Development Education across Europe, with regard to policy and practice, with the objective of ultimately producing both a European report, and a toolkit for policy makers and practitioners regarding the inclusion and promotion of Development Education in Primary Schools.

The project is guided by both a national steering committee and national expert group who provide expert input on the activities of the project and its overall direction. The project duration is three years, running from April 2015 to March 2018.

Third Party Funding Grant Scheme

This scheme targets non-governmental and civil society organisations who work with primary schools on issues relating to Global Citizenship Education. The scheme aims to:

  • Educate people regarding the causes of global injustice and poverty, and how this relates to Ireland;
  • Motivate and mobilise communities at home to take action on issues of global injustice and poverty;
  • Advocate for specific changes, be that in structures, policies, attitudes and/or behaviour, to address global injustice and poverty.

Further information can be found in the grant funding criteria document.

Apply by completing and returning the application form.

Note: applications deadline is Monday 6 December 2017

Project Personnel

Project officer (Ireland):
Fionnuala Flynn ([email protected])

Ben Mallon
Sive O’Connor

National Steering Committee for Ireland:

  • Brian Ruane, St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra.
  • Stephen Farley, Trócaire
  • Jen Murphy, Trócaire
  • Rowan Oberman, St. Patrick’s College Drumcondra

International Partners:

  • Italy: Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Centro per la Formazione alla Solidarieta Internazionale, Comunita Voluntari per il Mondo, Marche Region
  • Portugal: Instituto Politecnico de Viana do Castelo
  • Bulgaria: Sofia Municipality – District Serdika, Expert Support Association
  • Latvia: Rezekne Municipality
  • Czech Republic: People in Need
  • France: Ville de Dunkerque, Le Partenariat
  • Austria: Land Tyrol, Sudwind
  • United Kingdom: Cumbria Development Education Centre
  • Ireland: Trócaire, St. Patrick’s College
  • Spain: Province of Zaragoza


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