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Share, borrow, lend

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From carpooling to freecycling, a sharing movement has grown worldwide, where people collaborate to share resources and to pass on items they no longer need.



With petrol prices rising, sharing a lift can help save you money. Freecycling can help you get what you need absolutely for free. Sharing goods you no longer use, saves you the cost and hassle of getting rid of the goods.


By sharing your driving you will make a major saving on CO2 emissions. You will also be helping to protect the air quality of our towns, cities and villages.

Reusing goods means less waste to deal with and fewer raw materials being used up in the production of new goods.



For journeys that can’t be made by foot or by bike, don’t travel alone. See if friends, family or work colleagues are travelling the same way, and share the driving. 

If you don’t know anyone travelling your way, websites such as will help you find other people looking to share the car journey.

Car sharing and renting 

Don’t need to use a car very often? Join a car-sharing initiative, which offers short term car rental to members on an hourly basis. This is ideal for doing the weekly grocery shop or a trip to Ikea.  See GoCar for more details.

If there is no car sharing scheme in your area, try renting a car on a daily basis for weekends away, travelling to sports events, or special occasions.

Reusing - Freecycling and Charity Shops

Don’t need two ironing boards? Instead of dumping unwanted goods, think about who else could make use of them. Whether it’s passing on baby clothes to family, friends or neighbours, bringing a bag of clothes to a charity shop, or advertising goods on a freecycle site – remember to reuse it.

If you are looking for goods, think secondhand - look on freecycle sites, classified ads, visit charity shops, and ask around your network. – free online reuse service. This is a national public service that allows you to pass on and pick-up personal and business items free of charge. No money changes hands.