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Reduce food waste and eat in season

Learn more about reducing food waste

Reduce Food Waste


One third of all food bought in Ireland is thrown out. This costs each household in Ireland between €700 and €1000 (or £600 or £850) a year!

Climate change

When we throw food away, all the energy that went into growing, producing and transporting it goes to waste too. Rotting organic waste on landfill sites produces the potent greenhouse gas, methane


Each person throws away the equivalent of 280 litres of water a day with the food they bin. That’s double the daily amount of water an average household uses.


Make a list of the food you throw out over an average week – this will help you identify what you aren’t using and help you manage your food purchasing better, saving you money.  Then make a list before you go shopping to avoid buying the wrong food or too much food.

Get better at how you store your food. And get smart about freezing and cooking up leftovers.


Eat in season


Climate change

Growing food out of season in hothouses, and flying fresh fruit and veg around the world uses lots of energy. Eating seasonal, local produce can help cut about 1.3Kg of CO2 off each meal.

Support your local farmer

Seasonal, local food is tastier and will introduce you to a wider variety of food, adding novelty to your diet.


Key nutrients are found in the stems of fruit and veg. The longer they are left on the plant, the more nutrients they soak in. Produce shipped to Ireland from the other side of the world is often picked before it is fully ripe, while seasonal, local produce tends to be picked at the peak of its ripeness, with all its lovely nutrients intact.


Learn what vegetables are in season in Ireland and be sure to check the country of origin on the label when you’re buying fruit and veg in supermarkets.