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Get on your bike

Learn more about swapping car journeys for bike rides

Try swapping short car journeys for a bike ride and you’ll reap the benefits. You’ll increase your fitness, reduce your waistline, save money, and help reduce carbon emissions. 


Health benefits

Make cycling a part of your lifestyle or daily routine, and you’ll be clocking up the hours of cardio exercise before you know it. Ditch the car for a bike a few times a week, and you’ll soon see the benefit to your overall health.

Save Time and Avoid Traffic

For short journeys in a city, cycling is almost always faster.

A 5km journey can be cycled in less than 20 minutes. Try timing a 5km journey along congested route in your area to see the difference. Skip past the traffic and make it to work in record time!

Protect the Environment

The transport sector in Ireland makes up 28% (SEAI, 2010) of all energy used in the country. Every kilometre you choose to cycle instead of drive saves approximately 250g of CO2 emissions (for an average car in typical urban traffic conditions).

Save Money

Running a car is very expensive. Once you’re on your bike, cycling is free.


It’s as easy as leaving your house and getting on your bike – but remember safety first. We recommend you visit a bike shop to get fitted for a bike helmet, and get your bike checked over to ensure the brakes and bike parts are in good working order. 


Advice and tips on how to stay safe while cycling on roads in Ireland - RSA Cycling Safety 

If you don’t have a bike...

  • And live in Dublin city centre, or if you are visiting the city, join the Dublin Bikes scheme
  • If you want your very own set of shiny wheels, look into the Government’s Cycle to Work scheme
  • Rent a bike from one of the growing number of rental outlets around the country


  • Help your kids develop good habits and choose the healthier cycling option.