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Drink tap not bottled water

learn more about drinking tap, not bottled water


People in Ireland spend millions of euro a year on bottled water.  Why?  The idea that bottled water is better for us is one with the backing of a massive, multi-billion euro bottled water industry.

Bottled water doesn’t just cost you at the till, it also costs the environment dearly.  

The average person will get through 168 single-use bottles of water in a year. As a nation we discard thousands of these water bottles every day – and rather than recycle them, we send up to 70% to landfill.

Bottled water is a thousand times more carbon intensive than tap, chiefly due to packaging and transport.  Moving bottles of water around the globe adds about 100g CO2  per bottle.


When it comes to taste testing, even bottled water advocates tend to prefer the old-fashioned tap variety.  Take the test yourself today.

Making the switch from bottled to tap couldn’t be easier:

  1. Buy a reusable water bottle... available nationwide
  2. Fill it with water from the tap as you need it
  3. Drink!  

And finally, if you do have empty plastic bottles lying around, please be sure to recycle them!