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The Burning Question Documentary

About this film

As Africa faces its biggest humanitarian crisis in decades, 'The Burning Question' explores the links between hunger and drought in African countries like Malawi and developed countries' continued reliance on the fossil fuels that drive climate change. 

Filmed in Malawi and Ireland from April to June 2016, in this half hour documentary we meet climate change activists in Malawi and Malawian farmers affected by the food crisis. We also meet some of the leaders of the fossil fuel divestment movement in Irish universities and internationally.

The film is part of Trócaire’s campaign calling on the Irish government to stop investing in fossil fuels. 

Can I organise a screening of the documentary?

Please contact emmet.sheerin (at)  if you would like to organise a screening of The Burning Question in your community and arrange a ‘question and answer’ session with a member of Trócaire staff to facilitate a discussion after the screening. 

How long is it?

The film is 30 minutes long.

Can I watch it on my TV?

You can use a device that supports Vimeo or YouTube — like a Roku or Apple TV. You can also download the video file from Vimeo and burn your own DVD.


The film was produced, directed, filmed and scripted by Alan Whelan, Emmet Sheerin and Eoghan Rice.