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These are your volunteers that help you complete tasks in Honduras. You get 20 volunteers in every level so use them wisely wherever necessary.


We are the locals in Honduras. We give you tasks that require a certain number of volunteers. You have to determine which tasks are important and will help Honduras throughout any upcoming natural disaster.


The phone helps you receive feedback through messages after every task you perform. If you wish to end the game sooner you can click on the call icon and it will direct you on how to end the game.


The sun indicates the time that is passing in Honduras. Every level has a different timeline. Your game ends when the sun sets. If you finish before the sun sets then the time leftover will be added as ‘bonus time' to your final score. The faster you finish the game, the more bonus points you earn.

Project Honduras, is a game about a country that is frequently rocked by droughts, floods and storms due to climate change.

You play as the leader of a disaster relief centre who helps locals by providing volunteers for tasks that you think will help Honduras with the upcoming disaster.

Your score is determined by the importance of the task and if it helps the community at large. So choose wisely.


Javier and Andrea are local teenagers who have been actively leading the disaster relief centre here in Honduras. They are very involved in coming up with ways to combat droughts, hurricanes and floods. Through them you will be solving problems in Honduras by providing volunteers wherever necessary.


There are 3 levels: Flood, Drought and Hurricane. In order to be able to play subsequent levels, the player needs to complete the previous game level first. The player can replay any level multiple times in an effort to maximise their game score.



Congratulations. You've done great in helping Honduras. Thank you for all the help with allocating volunteers during the droughts, floods and hurricanes that hit Honduras. Your efforts have made Honduras stronger as a country and community. You've earned a score of .

Disasters in Honduras are a common occurrence due to climate change so even though you have completed preparations for the drought, flood and hurricane you can always go back and replay to complete tasks differently to get a better result.

Hoping to see you soon.

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