Take Action

Primary School Actions

Water droplet

Make a personal water promise. This can be one change in your life to conserve water. Print off a water droplet for each student to write or draw their promise. Display the water droplets together to make a waterfall of promises. Send photos of your waterfall to [email protected]

Sample letter of invitation asking your local politician to visit your school

Ask your local politician to visit your school. Share what you have learned about water in other countries. 

Ask them to speak to you about water in your local community. Download our sample letter of invitation.  

Poster Competition 2014

Design a poster to share with other classes in your school what you have learned about water. Enter into our competition. The winning entry will be sent to over 3,000 schools across Ireland next year!

Better World Award 2014

Enter our Better World Award. This acknowledges the work your class has done on the theme of water.

Questions from Malawi to Ireland

Tell Malawian students about life in Ireland

Students in Malawi want to learn about life in Ireland. Watch this video and

1. Write-up your responses to their questions

2. Make a list of questions you would like to ask your Malawian friends 


3. Produce your own video for Malawian students. Respond to their questions and pose your own. We would love to share your video so don’t forget to send this to Trócaire.


Schools Fundraising

Fundraise for Trócaire

Fundraising is the oxygen of our organisation. We could not continue our life-changing work without the generous support we receive from schools.

Organise an event this Lent and we will help you in every way we can.  Email [email protected] today to order a fundraising pack for your school.

Water droplet

Make a personal water pledge. This can be one change in your life to conserve water. Students can write or draw their pledge on this droplet. Make the commitment and send your droplet(s) to Trócaire.

Up To Us

Join the team at Trócaire in making small but crucial lifestyle changes that can have a huge impact on the environment we live in.