Lent 2014 Early Years (Video transcript)

Lent 2014 Early Years (Video transcript)

Lent 2014 Early Years

This is Enestina. She is 9 years old. She lives in a country called Malawi. This is Enestina’s family. There are 6 people in Enestina’s family – her mum, her dad, her brothers Jwakimu, Martin and her baby sister Tamara.  Enestina loves her family very much.

Enestina gets up at 5 o’clock every morning. First she goes to the river to collect water with her mum. Enestina carries the bucket of water on her head. Enestina does not like to collect water. The river is far away from her home and the bucket is very heavy. When she comes home from the river Enestina helps to prepare the breakfast.

Enestina starts school at half past eight. She really likes her teacher. In Malawi a lot of people speak a language called Chichewa. Enestina’s favourite subjects at school are Chichewa and Maths. Her teacher teaches her how to write the time on a big clock. There are 60 children in Enestina’s class. Enestina has lots of friends at school. They like to play games such as football and catch the ball.  

Enestina’s mum goes to the river every day to collect water. The families in Enestina’s village use the water collected from the river in lots of different ways. They use the water to cook, to wash, to clean and to water their crops.

People love to sing and dance in Enestina’s village. People often dress up in masks for festivals and parties. Its lots of fun.

After a long day Enestina and her family have rice for dinner. Afterwards they go to bed.