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Global Goals - Early Years

Activities to help young children in Ireland to appreciate diversity at home and abroad, and to think about universal human rights.

Meet Fatu

Fatu is five years old and lives in Sierra Leone.

Watch this video to learn about her life.


Early Years Resources 2018

Download the educator notes and classroom activities to explore Fatu’s World with your students

Our Common Home PowerPoint

Learn how to protect earth, ‘our common home’. A suggested script is included on each slide.

How to Download the Video

Our videos are on a website called Vimeo. This is how to download the videos from Vimeo:

  1. Click this link to see the 'Meet Fatu' video on Vimeo:
  2. When on Vimeo, scroll down under the video and click the download button.
  3. Select a video file size to download, and save the video to your computer or memory stick.

Steps to download the PowerPoint slideshow:

  1. Click on the Our Common Home PowerPoint:
  2. Save the PowerPoint to your computer or memory stick.