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Primary School

Activities to explore climate action and Honduras in primary school classrooms

Copequito from Honduras

Meet Copequito the ant from Honduras. In the local community where we work, Copequito has a vital job – to save lives. Copequito prepares children to react when a flood or hurricane hits.  

Climate Justice Explained

Does climate change impact everyone equally around our world? (Video in Irish)

Climate Change Explained

What is climate change and why is it happening?

Hello! Hola! C’oten! Learn about Honduras in Central America

Junior Primary PowerPoint

Senior Primary PowerPoint

Photo and Video Galleries

Does climate change impact everyone in the world equally? Use these photos to discuss.

Carla, 13 years old, Omoa, HondurasPoster on the wall in Carlas school, Omoa, HondurasRecycle tyres and use them as flowerpotsRescue boats, Omoa, HondurasSandbar where Carla lives, Omoa, Honduras

Bring the world into the classroom with these videos and animations. Videos are also available individually on Vimeo.

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CJ the climate justice bee

How to Download the Video, PowerPoint and Photos

Our videos are on a website called Vimeo. This is how to download the videos from Vimeo:

  1. Click the desired video link below.
  2. When on Vimeo, scroll down under the video and click the download button.
  3. Select a video file size to download, and save the video to your computer or memory stick.

Steps to download the PowerPoint slideshows:

  1. Click the desired PowerPoint link below.
  2. Save the PowerPoint to your computer or memory stick.

Steps to download the photos in the Photo Gallery:

  1. Click the following link to open:
  2. Save the zipped folder of photos to your computer or memory stick.
  3. Open the folder and extract the photos by clicking 'Extract'
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