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Early Years

Activities to explore climate change and Honduras in early years settings

Best Friends María and Jazly

This video introduces María and Jazly, two girls who live on the coast of Honduras.  We invite you to meet them and to learn about their lives.

Our Common Home PowerPoint

Learn how to protect earth, ‘our common home’. A suggested script is included on each slide.

CJ the climate justice bee

How to Download the Video, PowerPoint and Photos

Our videos are on a website called Vimeo. This is how to download the videos from Vimeo:

  1. Click the video link:
  2. When on Vimeo, scroll down under the video and click the download button.
  3. Select a video file size to download, and save the video to your computer or memory stick.

Steps to download the PowerPoint slideshows:

  1. Click on the desired PowerPoint below to download it.
  2. Save the PowerPoint to your computer or memory stick.
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