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Climate Change, Climate Justice, Climate Action

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Let’s do something about it! Together. Today. Learn from the communities we work with who experience its devastating impacts on how to develop your own solutions to climate change.

Copequito from Honduras

Meet Copequito the ant from Honduras. In the local community where we work, Copequito has a vital job – to save lives. Copequito prepares children to react when a flood or hurricane hits.

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CJ the climate justice bee

How to Download the Video

Our videos are on a website called Vimeo, this is how to download the video from Vimeo.

  1. Click this link to see the video on Vimeo:
  2. When on Vimeo, scroll down under the video and click the download button.
  3. Select a video file size to download, and save the video to your computer or memory stick.