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Door to Door Fundraising

What is Face-to-Face Fundraising?

Face-to-Face fundraising (F2F) is a key recruitment channel to sign up regular donors. Trócaire engage in both residential (i.e. door-to-door fundraising) and private site fundraising (i.e. podium stands outside shops).

Why do Trócaire engage in this form of fundraising?

Face-to-Face is the only proven method to recruit new monthly donors at scale.  Your regular donation is vitally important in giving flexibility to respond quickly to humanitarian crises and to plan effectively our programme work with communities overseas.  Your donation ensures an even greater impact with the communities we exist to serve.

Your regular donation provides the emergency funds we need to respond instantly to disasters as they arise. You will also support the development of long-term projects alongside local partners to help communities become independent. Many of our donors find this form of donating convenient and gives peace of mind knowing that each month, they’re making an affordable contribution that helps relieve so much suffering around the world.

Face-to-Face fundraising also allows us to align with our dual mandate, which is to support and be the voice for some of the most marginalised communities in the world, as well as raising awareness of our work with communities throughout Ireland.

Why do Trócaire use third party agencies to represent them?

This is a very specialised, and logistically demanding type of fundraising. As such, Trócaire works in partnership with specialist agencies who share our values.  We focus not only on strong training practices for new fundraisers, but also ongoing quality control and monitoring.


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