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You can also donate over the phone by calling 1800 408 408 (ROI) or 0800 912 1200 (NI & UK).

In the horror of continued attacks on Gaza and in the Middle East, desperate survivors need your help now…

No food. No water. No electricity. No fuel. Hospitals and schools, flattened. Survivors – starving, thirsty, injured, and grieving – comb the wreckage for loved ones. The human atrocities, horrific and heartbreaking, are almost beyond description.

Children and their families are now in grave and very real danger of dying from starvation and thirst as violence rages in Gaza – with medical supplies also in achingly short supply. Your urgent gift now will help us reach them.

Trócaire partners are on the ground and helping survivors access the most essential, lifesaving humanitarian relief including food, safe water, hygiene supplies, blankets, and shelter – everything we can – in order to rush help to hungry and injured families in Gaza. Urgent medical missions are also being conducted to procure and deliver stocks of desperately needed drugs and medical supplies, a lifeline with more than half of hospitals in Gaza no longer functioning.

Please – whatever you can possibly give now – rush help for Gaza and the Middle East today if you can. Your love and compassion are urgently, desperately needed now to save lives:

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